42 Kids Placed Every Month with A Door of Hope

42 Kids Placed Every Month with A Door of Hope

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The awesome news is that our 151 foster families are taking in an average of 42 needy kids every month. That comes out to 509 children loved and cared for by Christian foster homes in Tampa Bay in the past year. Amazingly, A Door of Hope served 43 percent of the 1,177 kids brought into foster care last year. How awesome is that!!!

Covering the $500 placement cost for each child is only possible because of the generous gifts of our supporters. 

You may be wondering, “Doesn’t the state cover your placement costs?” The answer is that state funding only covers a portion of our operational costs after a child is placed in one of our homes. Everything we do prior to that from recruiting and licensing foster families to placing children in our homes is only possible because of your generous support and gifts. 

What does the $500 cover? Staff and material costs for our licensing specialists to work with our licensed foster families:

  • Making preliminary calls and visits with each foster family seeking child placement
  • Assisting in communicating with the state regarding each specific foster family’s requests in terms of availability, age, and gender of child placement being sought
  • Involvement in the placement process 
  • Following up with and caring for each family after each child is placed
  • Assisting foster parents with specific needs such as: cribs, beds, diapers, clothing, daycare, etc.
  • Transportation costs for staff to complete all these tasks

You can make a difference by helping to meet this constant need. Won’t you help now?

3 Ways You Can Help Meet These Needs

  1. Donate now to help place a child (our cost is $500 per child placed).
  2. Donate now to help license one new foster home (our cost is $3,500 per home).
  3. Become foster parents by first attending one our orientation classes.

7 Ways Your Church Can Help Meet These Needs

  1. Become a church partner. 
  2. Request fliers from us and we will mail them to you.
  3. Request that a representative from A Door of Hope comes to your church.
  4. Play our videos during announcements.
  5. Raise funds to place one child for $500.
  6. Raise funds to license one new foster home for $3,500.
  7. Encourage families to become foster parents.

Join Us in Caring for the Modern Day Orphan

You can become part of the solution for the more than 42 children placed with an A Door of Hope foster family every month. 

God’s call for us to care for orphans is constant. We hope and pray you or your church will step through this door of opportunity in one of the ways outlined above.