A Couple’s Story: The Blessings of Foster Care

A Couple’s Story: The Blessings of Foster Care

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As told by Joel & Kristi Vincente 

I think for me, I have not fully realized and am continuing to learn how the brokenness we see in our foster children, as well as in their siblings and parents, reflects my family’s own brokenness. That’s a hard reality for foster parents to walk in. 

I remember with our second foster child placement, he came to us with double pneumonia and a staph infection. We were in the hospital with him that first weekend. He cried while being poked and prodded and while many tests were run. He just kept staring at me and screaming, as if I was the one doing all of this to him. 

At the same time I was feeling such incredible love for this sweet baby, his suffering brought an incredible anger in me because we were here due to someone else’s actions. I prayed in that moment and just asked the Lord to help me because I felt like my heart was split in two. 

The Lord definitely came in with his Holy Spirit, and instead of being angry, I was thankful. Just being able to be a foster mommy and be there, that I was the one who got to hold this foster baby and reassure and tell him he was not alone. It was just an incredible blessing that I got to be the one to carry him through this time. I’m so glad we were able to say yes and continue to say yes to foster care because of that.

Did you know?

  • There are nearly 200 children removed each month from their home due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment just within Tampa Bay.
  • But there are over 1,800 Evangelical churches in Tampa Bay as well.
  • We the church, can provide a Christian home for every foster child or orphan in Tampa Bay.
  • Would you be part of the solution?
  • There are 3 ways you can be part of the solution through A Door of Hope
  1. Become a foster parent
  2. Become a partner – for churches and businesses
  3. Contribute to licensing a home or placing a child