Be A Blessing

Be A Blessing

Oct 17, 2019 | Stories

We are so thankful for Elizabeth and her family for being a blessing to A Door of Hope! We just had a big surprise this week when we learned that Elizabeth raised $1,850.07 for A Door of Hope by selling 146 of her custom “Be a Blessing” t-shirts via social media.

This is the third year Elizabeth raised funds for a charity through her E’s Generosi-Tees company. It was by far the most she has ever raised. Last year they sold 64 t-shirts and raised just under one thousand dollars. Her company contributes 100% of the proceeds after expenses. T-shirts cost $20 for adult sizes and $15 for children’s and baby sizes.

The reason she and her family chose A Door of Hope is because her family is licensed with us as a foster family. Elizabeth is a foster sister and has three foster siblings.

As Elizabeth says, “A Door of Hope is a private Christian foster agency who helps license foster homes. By giving to A Door of Hope you provide new Christian foster homes that help kids in crisis have a loving, caring Christian home. In these homes they will experience the truth and love of Jesus. It costs approximately $3,300 (actually $3,500) to license one home. My goal is to raise $1,200.” She actually exceeded her goal by more than 50 percent. Way to go!

They started their campaign on September 12 and took orders for about two weeks. She and her family pressed, printed, and packaged every order. On October 12 they announced how much Elizabeth raised. We are so blessed to receive this gift from Elizabeth and her family. We thank them and everyone who bought from E’s Generosi-Tees! We hope and pray there are many more  Elizabeth’s out there.