Encounter With the Cross

Eight-year-old Sebastian entered the Cooper’s home with bright eyes and a head full of lice. The last ten hours had been a whirlwind. All he knew was that he was in a stranger’s house with a mom, a dad, and another young boy named George.

The first night consisted of an awkward dinner and figuring out where Sebastian was going to sleep. Luckily, their two dogs helped him feel more at home and he enjoyed their dog kisses. Later that night, Sebastian’s curiosity led him to explore his new home. The cross and picture hanging above George’s bed caught his eye. Sebastian turned to his foster mom and said, “I’ve seen that death symbol before, I know it’s important.”

Seeing an opportunity, she then began explaining what Jesus’ death on the cross meant. Sebastian replied, “I’ve been wondering a while what that cross really stood for. I’m so glad I’m here in your home for you to tell me.” That night, Sebastian’s foster mom read the gospel to him and together they prayed before bed.

Since then Sebastian has enjoyed learning at Sunday School, dancing to Toby Mac, and singing along to his favorite worship bands. We’re so grateful to see God use this foster family to bring love and salvation to this special child!