Foster Boy Prays for Seniors

Foster Boy Prays for Seniors

Jan 29, 2020 | Stories

Since a 6 year old boy was placed in one of our foster homes 7 months ago he has come to know Jesus, prays for seniors, and wants to become a missionary. Read on for more of the story…

At Christmas his foster family went with their church to sing carols at the local nursing home. At the end the pastor said he wanted to pray for everyone. Then the 6 year old foster boy asked if he could pray. The pastor allowed him, and the 6 year old gave the gospel in that prayer. He prayed over everyone in the nursing home that they would come to know Jesus and love Jesus.

At a recent home visit our licensing specialist met with the family and this amazing foster boy. He told her he wanted to be a missionary when he grows up so that he can travel and tell others about Jesus. He also talked about how it was God’s plan for him to be in foster care so that his mom could get things ready for him to come home one day to live with her again. Let’s pray that all these hopes come true.


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