Homeless Foster Brother Rescued

Homeless Foster Brother Rescued

Oct 1, 2020 | Blog, Stories

 A Foster Family and Man Up and Go Step Up in Love…

Miss Mary, one of our foster mom’s shared this story with Dawn Zitko, one of our licensing supervisors. 

Cody just had a used car donated to him by Man Up and Go!

This is an amazing story. 9 months ago Cody was homeless living in a tent in a nearby homeless community. He’s the older brother of one of our recently adopted teenage foster boys.

Once our foster family found Cody they brought him back to their house. The next steps were working with him to get medical insurance, finish his GED, getting his driver’s license, and getting a job. After a few months he saved up enough for car insurance and operating expenses, but not enough to buy a car.

Miss Mary, our foster mom, went into top gear and started asking around if anyone had a used car to donate. With no immediate response, the family told Cody, “that God was working on a car for you.” He said in reply, “You know that car I’m getting? What kind is it?” They all said, “We don’t know, but God does.”

This is where Man Up and Go stepped up again for one of our families. This is the second car they’ve donated this year! You can see it in the picture.

Now Cody is beaming ear to ear to have a running car. In fact, he spent an hour in the car Sunday just amazed at how blessed he is. The car was the icing on the cake among all the amazing improvements in his life. Thanks everyone for being Jesus to Cody!

The Need in the Suncoast Region*

Nine children every day on average are removed from their home in the Suncoast Region because of abuse, abandonment or neglect. Whether you live in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee, Sarasota, or DeSoto County*, there is a severe shortage of foster homes to take these children in.