Fund Jenna Now


In addition to the car, Jenna received a $12,000 matching gift from Man Up and Go! THANKS GUYS! She now needs another $12,000 by June 1st to fund her high-needs foster home. 
God has called this amazing foster mom with A Door of Hope to care for high-needs kids. Her home and her heart have the capacity for up to 5 kids. However, to do this requires full-time dedication. So she quit her job.
Now it’s time for her foster care license to be renewed. Man Up and Go learned about her need when they recently delivered food to her home during COVID-19. By God’s grace, they found the funds to buy the car and cover half of her financial needs.
Jenna now needs another $12,000 or $1,000 per month starting June 1st to supplement her income.
You can join us in supporting Jenna and her kids. Every dollar you give is doubled up to $12,000.
Whatever you give, Jenna would say, “Thank you, Jesus! This is so awesome!”

Many blessings,

Godly Daniel
Executive Director
A Door of Hope