How To Prevent Human Trafficking

Can we truly prevent our most vulnerable children from being trafficked?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Body of Christ, we must spread this message throughout our community. We hear almost daily in the news about children being rescued. We hear about sting operations. We even hear about how ‘bad’ Florida is when it comes to human trafficking. But not only can the trafficking of our children be prevented…I believe the body of Christ is the solution!

So how do we prevent the human trafficking of our children? The answer is quite simple: by making sure that EVERY child coming into foster care has a family foster home to be placed in.

Below are just a few examples of the different ways children are trafficked. Each example was taken from a real case involving a real child right here in Florida:

  • A minor trading a sex act with an adult in exchange for a place to sleep.
  • A pimp prostituting out an adolescent.
  • A father trading his underage daughter for crack.
  • A mother allowing her landlord to have sex with her child as rent payment.
  • A fifteen year old trading a sex act with an adult for money
  • A nightclub owner providing shelter and food for minors in exchange for exotic dancing.

Data and information for Florida is growing, but an in-depth report from California revealed one of their program directors stating:

“Our program works with sexually exploited minors, many of whom are in foster care. Exploiters know where foster care group homes are and they directly recruit girls from these settings—they prey on the kids they know are the most vulnerable. Exploiters also use coercion and threats to force these young girls to recruit other youth living in the group home.”

Here in Tampa Bay, a local FBI agent that investigates crimes against children explained, “A lot of these kids are foster kids, runaway kids. There’s not a lot of people looking out for them. I’d say about 70 percent or so are foster kids.”

Other data and reports have found that children are more likely to run from group homes. But when they are placed in a family foster home, these children and youth are less likely to be recruited and trafficked. That means we have the power to prevent these cases of trafficking by ensuring EVERY child has a family foster home. Christian foster homes ARE the prevention to human trafficking.

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Just $32 a month will literally pay for the training, licensing, and supporting of one new Christian foster home in our community! That one home may be what the Lord uses for a young boy or girl to NOT become a human trafficking statistic.

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