I Am Loved

We know a wonderful 8th grade teacher who loves to talk about her experience as a foster mom. So after telling her new class about her role, she was delighted when one student shared that she’d been in foster care. Below, the teacher writes what came next:

“My student shared with me how her parents adopted her when she was 2 and that she’d been their foster child. Instantly I had a connection with this girl.

Soon we did an activity in class where the kids had to write one negative stereotype people have said that hurt them. This girl wrote, ‘My family doesn’t love me.’

I could feel the pain for her as she handed it to me and looked to see if I read it. Today I had the students take their negative stereotypes and change it around into a positive ‘I am’ statement about themselves. That precious girl wrote: ‘I am LOVED.’

I know God put her in my class for a reason. God knew I needed her and she needed me.”

We are so thankful this student has found love in her new home!