Did you see what happened??

Watch this video. We implore you… watch it. This is one of the most powerful videos we’ve ever created, and it’s based on a true story.

Did you see what happened??

If you watch this video, at 4:34?, a change begins to happen. It’s when the church community does something more than just bring awareness to a need but rather takes ACTION. It’s when a movement happens and God begins to supernaturally work through the love and service of His people.


That’s why it takes the Church.

Did you see JoJo’s face as he looked at his father before taken away by the authorities?

Did you feel the gut-wrenching hopelessness that JoJo’s daddy felt as he knew he had made a mistake?

They needed hope.

Click here to give to A Door of Hope so that more of these kind of stories can take place.

A Door of Hope does more than license foster homes. Their goal in providing a home for every child is to ensure that the moment a foster child enters one of these licensed homes that they are saturated in the gospel-driven love that flows from Jesus Christ.

Every new home requires approximately $3500 to be licensed and supported by A Door of Hope, meaning that if we–the Church–do not act, A Door of Hope will not be able to reach their goal of 300 new homes by the year 2023.

Did you know that we’re now more than halfway there?

This video shows us how powerful it can be when people rally together. Each real story is unique, and in reality, does not have as happy an ending as this video portrays. But we have been called by God to minister to the modern-day orphan.

When you give, over 85% goes towards licensing and supporting new foster homes.

Every day that passes, 6-8 more children in the Tampa Bay area are removed from their homes due to neglect, abandonment, or abuse and placed into the foster agency. Right now, there are more foster children than there are foster homes.

It’s time to act.


There are three ways you can give:

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