There are seven churches to one foster child in Tampa Bay.

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The Reality

In Tampa Bay alone, an average of six to eight children are removed from their homes every day due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Florida has reached out to Christian churches for help.

The Solution

Within the Tampa Bay area, the ratio of churches to children placed in foster care shows a 7-to-1 ratio.  Of these churches in Tampa Bay, there is an average of 100+ people in each congregation.

If only one family from each church opened up their home to one child in crisis, the need for foster care would be completely eradicated.


The Opportunity

By placing a child in a loving, Christ-centered environment, the Church can be the catalyst to show the love of Jesus to these children who may have not even experienced true love in their lives.  A Door of Hope is raising up families like this who can bring real hope to every child in crisis.

Did You Know?


Homes AT Capacity

There have been stories of foster children sleeping in offices because of the severe shortage of available foster homes in Tampa Bay.

Dollars to License a Family

ADH must raise support as the government does not supplement any finances until a child is placed in an already-licensed home.

What You Can Do


Help A Door of Hope financially license and train new Christian foster care homes to help give a loving home to a child in crisis.


Discover how you can become licensed and trained through A Door of Hope to show the love of Christ to children in crisis.