Pointing Families to the Savior

Pointing Families to the Savior

Feb 21, 2020 | Stories

This is a story from the heart about co-parenting and reunification from a foster dad and pastor. A big realization of his is that the goal is not to be a savior to kids, but to point families to the Savior. Pastor Jonathan Redford tells their story… 

When we got into foster care, honestly, our heart was to foster and adopt kids from bad situations. We felt these kids needed a good home and we could give them a good home. So let’s do that. 

However, when we were in A Door of Hope classes they began to talk about reunification and co-parenting. Those were terms we hadn’t really heard before. So what we realized was that our goal in foster care wasn’t to be a savior to these kids. Our goal was to come into their lives and point them to the Savior.

What we soon realized was many children in care are repeatedly in care. So what happens is that they are in a cycle of abuse and neglect. They often get reunified with their parents, but after a while are back in foster care. 

If we’re taking care of kids, we’re only solving half of the problem. The truth is the only thing that can solve this devastating cycle in our community is the Gospel. The Gospel can change that cycle. 

So we’re now on our seventh and eighth placement and are really thankful for the chance to be foster parents. We had those first two guys and were able to share the Gospel while mom was in jail. 

Our next placement was when my wife was seven months pregnant with our first child. We took in this little guy. Then not long after we got a call saying that, “We’ve got three siblings that needed placement. Could you take one of them?” We said, “We’ll take all of them.” So we suddenly had four kids under 4. None knew how to use the bathroom so we had a diaper train. We had a system. Bathe, then diaper, then play, then bed. 

After a few months we were able to see the bio dad of the first little guy get saved and baptized. He was able to be reunified with his child. He was able to get his own place. We paid for his first month of daycare. Our church gave him furniture and all kinds of other things like that. It was awesome and incredible. 

Jonathan Redford

Senior Pastor

New Life Baptist Church

Largo, FL