Scary Movies. Vampires. Skunks. Smelly Dogs.

Abuse. Neglect. Abandonment.

When children are removed from their homes for reasons like these, child protective investigators must conduct an in-depth investigation. Why? Because we want to know as much about that child as possible in order to match them with the best foster home available. One of the many questions children are asked is what they dislike. That way, if a child is deathly terrified of dogs for instance, we’d be sure not to place them in a foster home that breeds dogs!

Recently, a young girl just under 10 years old was asked what she disliked. She simply answered, “Scary movies. Vampires. Skunks. Smelly dogs.”

Oftentimes people assume foster children are different. But the truth is that at the end of the day, they’re just like all other children…and they are just like OUR children. These are children who, by no fault of their own, have been taken away from their parents because of their parents’ decisions.

6-8 children are removed from their homes throughout Tampa Bay every day. These are children with unique gifts, special talents, and simple fears like “scary movies, vampires, skunks, and smelly dogs.” Our hope and prayer is that these children will be seen for who they truly are: just kids. And our desire is to place them in a Christian foster home where they will–many times for the first time–experience safety and unconditional Christ-like love.