Singles Can be Foster Parents

Singles Can be Foster Parents

Jan 29, 2020 | Stories

Erin’s story proves the point. Unlike most foster parents who are married and often have children of their own, Erin is single. Yet this did not stop Erin from becoming a foster parent and caring for children in crisis.

To her surprise, Amber arrived at Erin’s home within hours of becoming a licensed foster parent. Though Erin was nervous about the immediacy of the placement, it did not take long for her and Amber to grow a deep bond.

What makes Erin’s story so exceptional is that she eventually adopted Amber. Despite sincere efforts at co-parenting with Amber’s biological parents, they did not reestablish their parenting rights. Naturally, they highly disfavored this decision even leading up to the final court date… Until Erin provided her testimony.

Erin shared their daily routine; how Amber is thriving and the personal growth she is experiencing. After Erin’s testimony, Amber’s parents unanimously decided that her life would be better off with Erin as her mother.

The day come at last for Erin to bring Amber home as her adopted daughter. Many friends and family members wept with joy as they watched this unfold in the courtroom. Licensing supervisor, Morgan Hicks, later expressed how beautiful it was to see the loving bond between Erin and Amber. They were inseparable.

Erin not only adopted Amber, but also continues to care for other little girls who need to be placed into foster care.

We thank the Lord for His grace and provisions during Erin’s journey as a foster parent. It is this living Hope, found in Christ and exemplified by Erin’s story, that we desire for each child in crisis in Tampa Bay.

Because of this we strive to license more Christian foster homes. Imagine more lives like this impacted every day! This is our mission at A Door of Hope: to care for the modern-day orphan and to provide a home for every child in crisis.


With your generous help, we can license more homes like Erin’s and place children like Amber. Please consider partnering with us financially by giving a one time gift of any amount. $1.37 a day or $41.67 a month is enough to place one child! You can make a difference in one child’s life by giving now.