So, What Happens Now?

It’s the Holiday Season, which means everyone is asking for donations.

Perhaps you have already made a donation to A Door of Hope or even become a monthly donor to A Door of Hope.  Maybe you’re still trying to decide. So, what happens after you donate and what do you help support?

If you’ve watched the video, it’s clear that a healthy system and process needed to exist so that JoJo could be placed in a loving, caring foster home who would take every opportunity to showcase the gospel of Jesus Christ–even to JoJo’s father.  This “system” that A Door of Hope has in place relies heavily on donation dollars as the government only takes care of certain fund aspects AFTER a child is placed in a home.

We feel that it’s important to show what your donations provide and how they help the mission of A Door of Hope to provide a home for every child in crisis within the Tampa Bay area.  Whenever you donate, this is what your contributions help fund…

1. Recruitment

When you donate to A Door of Hope, your donation gives us the ability to visit churches, network with people and influencers all over Tampa Bay, and go to events to speak about the foster care crisis happening in our own neighborhoods. Your donation allows us to produce marketing and communication pieces to spread awareness about the need for more Christian foster homes!

2. Orientations

An incredible important aspect of A Door of Hope is our ability to provide orientation classes for families interested in beginning their foster care journey. Your donation allows our staff and volunteers to team-up with local churches to provide free, no-obligation orientation classes. This is a necessary first step in helping families all over Tampa begin to get licensed!  Over the years, we’ve been thrilled to see a continual increase in interest for these classes through our recruitment process.

3. Licensing

Contrary to popular thought, the State does not sponsor or pay for a family to become licensed.  Your donation to A Door of Hope helps with the critically important licensing process. Our team undergoes extensive interviews and appropriate background checks for all candidates to ensure that children are entering safe, loving homes. Each donation also assists new foster parents by offering necessary education, training, and State requirements. When this process is complete, our families are ready to help care for a child in crisis!

4. Placing

A Door of Hope also assists with placing children all over Tampa Bay into one of our many licensed homes. Once a child is removed from their home due to neglect, violence, or abandonment, A Door of Hope is contacted. Your donation helps our team quickly and efficiently find a home for these children within our network of licensed foster families, where they’ll be cared for during this challenging time.

5. Support

After a child has been placed, state funding then covers A Door of Hope’s intentional support for over 160 foster families and the children they care for.

Help us reach our goal!

As 2019 comes to an end and we step into 2020, we are in need of more donations to help continue our mission in the New Year by licensing 150 more new families by 2023. Your donations are crucial to helping children in crisis situations. Without your help, children like JoJo may have to sleep in office buildings or be passed around to various foster homes with varying degrees of care. Help us ensure that every child entering the foster care system in Tampa is placed in one of A Door of Hope’s caring Christian homes. 

Donate today.