The Lord’s Love

Last night I was sitting at a red light listening to the new Steven Curtis Chapman song ‘Amen.’ I was overwhelmed by our Lord’s love as I prayed for a two-month-old little girl that had just been placed in one of our homes. I was in awe of how the Lord was using the ‘A’ family foster home as an example of the gospel… an example of His love. You see, this little girl came into their home physically and emotionally broken–by sin NOT of her own doing. Yet the ‘A’ family simply said “yes” and accepted her into their family.  

I was struck and humbled knowing that we, as Christ-followers, have ALL been that little girl at some point in time. We were once separated from our heavenly father by sin–sin that quite honestly we could do NOTHING about. Our only hope was to turn to Him in repentance, confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in our heart that God raised him from the dead. What is our Lord’s answer to that prayer? YES! How great is our God!

So will you join us in prayer today for these three specific things?

  • For this precious two-month-old’s brain to experience healing from the trauma she has endured.
  • For the 32 licensed foster families we serve as A Door Of Hope. We pray for their continued faithfulness to live out the gospel as an example of Christ’s love.
  • For the 30 families attending our next foster parent training class, which begins this Saturday. We pray for their protection through the process, as well as financial provision for A Door Of Hope so ALL these families may be licensed and join in this God glorifying work.


Thank you for your prayers. We are humbled to be in this work with you.