St. Petersburg, Florida
Work: Part-time
Salary: Competitive – Available upon request


The focus of the Volunteer Coordinator position is to build relationships and engage people in a deeper level of involvement with the organization that helps A Door of Hope improve organizational effectiveness, achieve growth goals, and make advocates in our community.

The Volunteer Coordinator will work closely with our Administrative Team. The Coordinator will help the volunteer find their giftings (if not already known) and connect them to the ministry according to those gifts. The Coordinator will be responsible for the initial contact, follow-up, and relationship development of these contacts with individual and corporate volunteers. Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Oversee the Volunteer Application Process and Procedures. Receives and processes all applications. Makes sure volunteer recommendations are made based on experience and best fit.
  • Confirm that all volunteers are cleared (if they need to be) before activating.
  • Maintain volunteer database and status of each volunteer (Active/Inactive).
  • Manage volunteers and information in keeping track of volunteers, volunteer positions, positions open, and positions most needed to be filled.
  • Makes recommendations on methods, ideas, etc. to improve the program areas.
  • Maintains flexibility in order to assist with various events.
  • Coordinate, facilitate, and oversee volunteer service projects.


  • Strong commitment to the Statement of Faith and philosophy of A Door of Hope.
  • Familiarity with foster care or social services is helpful but not necessary.
  • Excellent organizational and office management skills, ability to function with minimum supervision, able to multi-task while also able to prioritize tasks accordingly.
  • Advanced computer skills welcomed – Internet, network knowledge, Word, Excel.
  • Enthusiastic when working; ability to establish priorities and direct multiple problems or inquiries simultaneously.
  • Displays compassion and empathy for others and can win people’s confidence and trust. Keeps confidential matters confidential.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.