What The Government Hasn’t Told You

By the time you’ve finished this video, there’s a good chance that a child in Tampa Bay was removed from their home because of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

In this video, which is based on a true story, you’re able to see a few things happen right at the start:

  1. JoJo (the child) is placed in a loving foster home by A Door of Hope once he is removed from his home
  2. Carrie and her husband, who are licensed though A Door of Hope, take JoJo in and juggle the challenges of his emotional shock and visitations with JoJo’s father.   

In order for these two events to happen, there had to have been parents recruited, trained, and licensed by A Door of Hope to even accept a child. To raise up a new foster home like this, it costs A Door of Hope around $3,500, plus another $500 to simply place the child in the home.

That’s $4,000.  One new home… one new foster child.

And none of that process is funded by the government.


A Stark Reality


Imagine how different this story would have been if JoJo had to sleep in an office building that night.  Or if he had to bounce around from house to house to house for the next few months because there wasn’t any room for long-term placement?  

And yet as 6-8 children in Tampa Bay are removed from their homes every single day, the State of Florida has run out of foster homes to place them in.  To be clear: there are not enough foster homes in the Tampa Bay area to house the amount of foster children entering the system.

A Door of Hope wants to rise up amidst this stark reality and not only raise up new homes, but license and support Christ-centered homes where these children can experience profound loving care that stems from our Heavenly Father.  

The State will help with some of the funding–but only AFTER a child is placed within a home.

This means that the ONLY way that we can raise up new homes for these children is through your financial support.  

It can be $5.

It can be $35/month.

It can be $3,500, which would pay for a new licensed foster home.

Or it could be all of us, together, helping raise our goal of $500,000 which would help us get to 150 more homes to reach our goal of 300 in the next three years.

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