A Door of Hope relies heavily on dedicated Christian volunteers willing to serve both within our organization and also directly with our foster families. There are many different areas in which our volunteers can express their gifts and talents including:


    Use your talents to copy, file, organize, input data and make phone calls.


    Help our potential foster families complete their training by caring for their children during their classes.


    Bless a foster family with a home cooked meal delivered to their door!

  • Mentoring

    Help a child establish and build trust so that they are given an opportunity to experience a healthy relationship with a stable, caring adult.

  • Events

    Help A Door of Hope by being a part of planning and implementing events throughout the year to raise awareness and the funds needed to license more homes.


Note: Please be aware that the nature of this ministry requires that we ask that any volunteer who might work with children goes through the same background checks as our foster parents.